GovIn e-service portal

Submission of forms to government systems

GovIn is a portal for government to centralize all forms that are submitted electronically to government departments that are using systems like xCAS or RD Fusion. GovIn has a dynamic form builder that allows any form that citizens may submit to government to be quickly digitized, and added to the list of available forms that taxpayers can submit to government. 

Dynamic form builder. Design any form, using ready-made sections and blocks with available functions for rows and columns, calculated fields, selections, text or amount inputs. 

Integrated. GovIn runs as a data service, integrated with any taxpayers registry through the RD ATOM plugin. 

Use Cases

Tax Return Forms. The Cameroon Revenue Authority has introduced GovIn for companies to submit their tax returns. 
Production Reporting Forms. Several countries are starting to use GovIn for submission of production reports.  

What forms can it be used for?

GovIn can be used for any forms to be submitted by taxpayer-registered users to govenrment, such as tax returns submitted to the revenue authority Fusion system, or production returns submitted to the respective government directorate using xCAS. 

How do I design an electronic form?

GovIn comes with a dynamic form builder, where you can create a form using a range of functions. It is an easy to use interface where you create sections and blocks with rows and columns, defining user input to be text, an amount or a date. You can design as many forms you want, which is stored 

Integration with other systems  v1

Can GovIn integrate with other tax systems?

Yes. GovIn is a data service that can plug into 

Can companies integrate their own accounting system to submit tax returns through GovIn automatically?

Yes. GovIn comes with a public API library and a technical guide for how companies can connect their accounting system to submit forms directly into GovIn, without needing to log into GovIn itself.