Forestry Rights Administration System (FRAS)

Management of Forest Use, Timber Licenses, Permits and Conveyance Certificates  

FRAS Overview

The Forestry Concessions Administration System (FCAS) is a desktop software application that supports governments to manage forestry rights.  The software manages the full lifecycle of a forestry right and its associated payments, from application through approval, licensing, renewals and finally expiration.  When used in conjunction with the Online Data Repository, all license and payment data can be exchanged via XML and be made available online to relevant stakeholders.

FCAS is built using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications and has been deployed in Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Security as well as Malawi’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

A web-based version of FCAS is being built using the same technology as the MCAS and REMOPproducts and will greatly expand its capabilities.

- Fully customizable license type settings and fees
- Manage the licensing process through administrator settings
- Payment recording and accounting
- Easy search, filter and sorting of data
- Scan and upload documents
- Microsoft Office integration to generate correspondence
- Generate reports and print online reports
- Varying levels of user permissions


How much does the system cost?

The MCAS system is provided without license fees or any recurrent software license costs by RDF as a non-profit organization, provided that the client institutions adhere to the RDF Condtions of Usage. The project cost of implement MCAS is determined by how much time RDF staff are spending with the client to implement it. 

How is the implementation funded?

The projects implementing MCAS are usually funded by development partners in-country as a two-year capacity development project. RDF is also starting piloting Service Agreements with revenue sharing of the council revenue increase year-on-year, as a way to fund our support.