Environmental License Management

RDF’s systems aim to facilitate the effective, accountable and transparent management of natural resource and environmental related revenues. By introducing an IT administration system which builds on the existing laws and regulations, the EAD will be able to make the licensing and monitoring processes systematic and efficient, while automatically ensuring compliance standards are met. These systematic processes improve the government’s ability to absorb revenues, increases its auditing capabilities and boosts investor confidence in the state’s authority. The online publication of the data on the web-based Online Repository completes the cycle of accountability and transparency by publishing all revenues online and making the data available to stakeholders and/or the public. The information is showcased in a comprehensible and user-friendly manner, allowing monitoring and reporting. 

RDF offers a project focussed on sustainability, based on long-term engagement in the Department producing impact following key objectives and associated activities and deliverables. The precise details and particular activities under each objective, described in detail below, are subject to modification according to government requirements and as the project is implemented.


Approach and Methodology

-    Long-term engagement in country: providing government institutions with experienced specialists, processes and IT solutions, committed to             work with government long-term.
-    RDF specialists are embedded in government institutions, working on a day-to-day basis with government staff to ensure incremental changes         and step-by-step improvements.
-    Developing government staff capacity to operate more effectively and in a structured manner, with less discretionary powers. 
-    RDF system specialists provide training and technical support to ensure sustainable system implementation. We continuously advance and             develop our software systems on the basis of government requirements, making it lightweight yet powerful for public administration in low-               income countries.
-    Progress Reports and weekly Progress Card are presented to the project steering committee to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation. 
-    Software provided on a licence-free and cost-free basis.