Customs Verification Portal

Customs Officers around the world can now verify export permits from countries using RDF systems

The Customs Verification of Mineral Export Project (CVMEP) funded by the German Cooperation, GIZ was launched in January 2018. Three countries sign up to participate; Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The concept was presented at the 12th OECD conference for responsible minerals supply chain, with a particular focus on trade in gold.

During the project, numerous discussions have taken place with participating countries and, or in relation to importing countries. Most notably between the Ghana Minerals Commission and the Government and gold refineries of India. The verification portal was finalized, publishing data directly from MCAS in participating country institutions. Participating countries have started informing the most relevant importing countries about the verification mechanism. 

The Customs Verification component is now an integral part of RDF systems offered for free to governments. 

Are you a Customs Officer? Want to verify exports from Ghana, Sierra Leone or Liberia?

Customs Verification of Minerals exported from countries using RDF systems

Is it open to everyone?

No, only persons with a government email address may log in. All major customs agencies are pre-approved for regsitration in the portal. If you are customs officer without a government email address you must send us proof of accreditation.

I do not find the exporter I am looking for. What does that mean?

It means the government has not issued a permit for the entity you are dealing with. It is therefore illicit trade. 

Not a Customs Officer?  v7

Want to verify someone who offered to sell me minerals?

Go to the respective Online Repository portal of that country. Anyone can log in to these portals and verify the license of a company or individual. If you do not find any information about the entity here, it means this entity is not know to the mining authority and therefore not legitimate.