The RDF Team

RDF is made up of a diverse group of professionals who share strong common values in supporting government institutions to increase revenue and accountability through IT systems.  RDF headquarters is in Oslo, Norway.

Programme Team

Aasmund Andersen, Managing Director

Stefka Iseli, Finance & Operations Manager

Sanna Hermansson, Programme Manager

Sidy Ouattara, Programme Manager

Nolwenn Hemberger, Programme Manager

Implementation Specialists

Ishmael Abeyie, Country Manager, Mineral Rights

Myriam Amadou, Senior Revenue Specialist, Tax, Mineral Rights and Local Government

Camara Sekou, Senior Specialist, Mineral Rights

Vera Magero, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights, Environment and Tax

Stephane Geninet, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights

Omotayo Smith, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights

Shalmalee Ghate, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights

Ehsan Shirzai, Country Manager, Mineral Rights, Oil and Gas

Nahema Sylla, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights, Oil and Gas

Erika Tchatchouange, Revenue Specialist, Oil and Gas

Said Najeebullah, National Specialist, Mineral Rights

Malado Kane, National Specialist, Mineral Rights

System Engineers

Platon Janjgava, Senior Software Engineer

Aleksi Meladze, Senior Software Engineer

Rezo Imnadze, Senior Software Engineer

Lidia Momtselidze, Systems Support Engineer

Elene Pitskhelauri, Software Engineer

In memory of Irakli Kobiashvili, whose code is deeply embedded in us

Expert Advisors

Paul DeVries, Senior Advisor, Mining and Environment

Stephane Essaga, Senior Advisor, Tax Administration

Paul FishSenior Advisor, Local Government

Bernd Eckhardt, Senior GIS Expert, Remote Sensing

Pierre-Pascal Gendron, Advisor, Tax Administration

Eva Kirch, Certified Consultant, Digitalization