Being an RDF Revenue Specialist

Role Description

The Revenue Specialist will be responsible for implementing projects on the ground in RDF country of operations, within areas related to revenue mobilization from natural resources or property taxes. He/she will be assigned to a specific project and will be seconded to a natural resource Ministry or local government. The Specialist will report to the respective project team, providing the out-of-country support required.

The position is for one year, starting with a 4 months volunteer period and thereafter remuneration of EUR 2,198 per month. During the volunteer period, a EUR 1,000 stipend will be provided, including all other entitlements. Accommodation will be provided. International expatriate health and accident insurance is included. Transportation in-country is also provided for, as well as a home-leave flight to Europe. 

General Responsibilities

Ensure delivery of results according to defined targets and milestones.
Utilize and further develop methodologies and tools to supporting institutional capacity development with RDF softwares.
Support business development in-country.
Ensure proper documentation, training materials and information materials in general.
Any other responsibilities as assigned by the programme team.


Bachelor degree in public administration or related field. Master degree preferred.
Sound understanding of efficient institutional regulations, procedures and processes.
Excellent communication skills. French is an asset.
Good ICT literacy skills and experience of working with IT systems.
Active interest in issues related to international development.
Ability to work in different social and cultural environment.

Revenue Specialist for Natural Resource Governance 

The Specialist will be working as part of a team of specialists seconded to the government. The principal objective of the Revenue Specialist will be to ensure the efficient implementation of RDF’s systems, and ensure transparent and accountable usage of these systems. The specialist will be expected to establish full familiarization with Ministry administrative processes to inform the development and implementation of RD systems.

Moreover, the Revenue Specialist will be responsible for RDF’s revenue integration efforts with the Ministry of Finance or Revenue Authority. This involves, among other things, reconciliation of payment data between institutions, and supporting the government in setting up an extractive revenue taskforce.

Revenue Specialist for Local Government / Property Tax

The Specialist will work with council staff to generate results and positive changes in accountability and citizen service-orientation. He/she will help the council build capacity to manage revenues from property tax and engage the citizens in tax compliance for improved service delivery.

The Revenue Specialist will embark on a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to: management of a team for property identification and assessment, organizing local sensitization activities, and stakeholder engagement to support the council in tax compliance. The Specialist will be working as part of a project team, with support from Senior Advisors, GIS experts and programme staff.

Revenue Specialist for Tax Governance and Risk Management

The specialist will work with central government, typically the Revenue Authority, Customs and Ministry of Finance. The principal objective of the Revenue Specialist is to ensure the implementation of RDF’s systems, and using them to improve processes of the client agency. This includes increasing capacity in data sharing, data analysis and risk/compliance management of tax-payers.

The Revenue Specialist will be expected to perform a wide variety of tasks such as system training, holding workshops, data management, and system innovation. The specialist will be part of a project team with support from senior advisors and system developers.