RDx Data Service

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The Online Data Repository portals make public data directly from government systems, as managed and agreed with each government institution where those systems are deployed. RDF allows customers to download consolidated data across all portals through a subscription service. The subscriber understands that it is possible to download the exact same data from each portal manually, and that the subscription service is for using RDF servers to consolidate the data into one constantly up-to-date dataset, made available for the subscriber in a single location.

When using the data, the subscriber is obliged to reference the source as “RDF Online Repository / MCAS system data, as published by Government of ”, . To reference the respective government authority is optional.

The dataset includes all production servers deployed on behalf of Government institutions within one sector. The extent of the dataset may vary depending on institutions that may start adopting RDF systems and publishing data, or may decide to stop publishing data from those systems.

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