Mineral Rights Administration

tranbslated text french RDF Mineral Rights program helps generate an environment of investment incentives.  dsfsdfsd  

RDF makes this happen by using its extensive consultancy experience in the sector in tandem with the Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS), a web-based software application to manage all aspects of a country’s mineral rights.

Our program also links up with several international initiatives focused on raising international standards of transparency in natural resource management. Currently RDF supports the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

RDF Mining Governance Brochure

How we support mineral rights management


MCAS System Free of License Costs. Project implement the MCAS system without any license fees or recurring fees. Upgrades are provided for free, provided they can be done remotely.

RDF Specialist based in client institution. Our two-year approach provides one of our specialist embedded in the client institution. This ensures a gradual change management approach, adapting the system step by step to structured and systematic work processes.

Approach and Methodology

-    Long-term engagement in country: providing government institutions with experienced specialists, processes and IT solutions, committed to             work with government long-term.
-    RDF specialists are embedded in government institutions, working on a day-to-day basis with government staff to ensure incremental changes          and step-by-step improvements.
-    Developing government staff capacity to operate more effectively and in a structured manner, with less discretionary powers. 
-    RDF system specialists provide training and technical support to ensure sustainable system implementation. We continuously advance and             develop our software systems on the basis of government requirements, making it lightweight yet powerful for public administration in low-               income countries.
-    Progress Reports and weekly Progress Card are presented to the project steering committee to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation. 
-    Software provided on a licence-free and cost-free basis.