Revenue Development Foundation in Mali

RDF is working with the government of Mali on two interrelated projects

 with funding from the German Cooperation agency GIZ.

Mining Cadastre Administration Support Project

The Mining Cadastre Administration Support Project (MCAP) is a two year project launched in January 2014 with the Malian Ministry of Mines. .

The aim of the project is to increase accountability, transparency and efficiency of the government’s administration of mining licenses. This is done by the implementation of the MCAS Cadastre system and improving the licenses management procedures. As part of the project, the Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS) system was installed at the central office in Bamako and more than 700 files have beeen digitized. In March, 2015, the first new mining license application was entered live in the system. 

Training on the use of the system has been provided is is continously provided for system users. In addition to system training, processes and procedures for the management of mining licenses have also been put in place. The MCAS system publishes data to the Online Repository where the public can access and assess all government data on mining licenses in Mali.

Oil and Gas Cadastre Administration Support Project

The Oil and Gas Cadastre Administration Support Project was launched in August 2015 to support the government of Mali, through l'Autorité pour la Promotion de la Recherche Petrolière au Mali (AUREP), to improve the management of licenses in the petroleum sector. The project is funded by the German Cooperation agency GIZ.

RDF will implement its Revenue Development Oil and Gas Administration System (OGAS) in AUREP, for management of all oil and gas licenses, documentation and payments. The project is implemented together with the already ongoing Mining Administration System Support Project, and the projects will together support improved management of Mali's mining and oil reserves. Joint implementation ensures coordinated management.

The year AUREP was established, the three partners, AUREP, GIZ and RDF jointly decided to record all past license records from 2004 onwards.  

Government of Mali Online Repository

Mali Online Repository

The Online Repository portal publish data directly from MCAS at DNGM, and makes the entire mining license registry available online for investors and the public

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Working with Government Institutions in Mali

January 2014 - Mining Cadastre Administration Support Project

September 2015 - Oil and Gas Cadastre Administration System installed in AUREP

Enhance Revenues and Efficiency of Natural Resource Administration

Ministry of Mines



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