RD DocFlow

Centralized Document Management API Service

RD DocFlow is a standalone centralized document management system that allows other systems to connect and manage documents through its data service API. All RDF applications will have the option to use RD DocFlow as a documents module. The advantage is that documents can be shared across systems and allow different government departments, even if using different systems, to share the same documents.

Application features

Search within all documents

API Architecture

Scalable across institutions

Integrated Module

A documents module, and integrated features based on each applications purposes and design

All files in one place

Easy file and folder navigation, tags based on system workflow

Search the content

The search will include any readable text in the files stored, for example Word or PDF documents scanned with OCR.

Seamless integration

Any system can be developed to access the documents in a centralized storage

Share across systems

Documents can be shared across all systems using the API

Easily scalable 

Just add more disk storage, and let users store more documents