Board of Directors


The Revenue Development Foundation Board of Directors meet quarterly at RDF's offices in Oslo, Norway.

Aasmund Andersen (Chair)

Aasmund Andersen is the founder of RDF and has served as Chair since its establishment in 2009. Aasmund spent over a decade working and consulting for UNDP across anglophone Africa and South-East Asia. He has been managing a long range of IT-related projects for government in low and medium income countries. 

Bengt Ljunggren

Bengt is a former UNDP senior manager, now retired. Bengt managed UNDPs National Recovery Programme in Sierra Leone in the period 2002 to 2007, and has advised UN programmes in a range of countries. Under his management in UNDP, he acted as an incubator of good ideas to strenghten governance, inspiring innovations that lead to the formation of RDF. Bengt is a founding member of the board, where he has served since 2009.

Paul DeVries

Paul is a senior consultant who has worked on a broad range of mining and mining-related environmental projects across Africa for 20 years. He is a geologist by training and has been involved extensively with IT system implementations using GIS and remote sensing. His international consulting career started in the mining sector in Bolivia and Ecuador in 1995, with extensive periods in Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Mongolia, Zambia and Ethiopia. Paul joined the RDF board in early 2015.

Annika Dybwad

Annika has more than 20 years of Norweigan and international management experience. She has an MBA degree and is the CEO and owner of Flexability Consulting. She is a leadership consultant and mentor for a range of Scandinavian companies and organizations operating globally. See Annika joined the RDF board late 2015.

Meryn Willets

Meryn is a strategy and digital marketing consultant involved in a range of technology startups. She has been a policy advisor for the Office of the Minister for Development of Small Businesses, Government of Australia. She is an advisor and boardmember of several fintech initiatives and mobile money companies.