RD ATOM Taxpayer Registry

Use it as API or Standalone System

The application is built on the latest material design technology, using Angular and big data MongoDB. It has BPM workflows organized around tax divisions, with user permissions for its staff. RD ATOM uses RESTful APIs, and help countries build capacity to integrate using API data services.

Clean up the registry, avoid duplications and 

make your registry available eletronically to other systems

What if we already have ITAS?

RD ATOM will plugin to any ITAS database to extract the taxpayer identification numbers and contact details, to make it available to other systems through its API data service.

What does the API do?

The ATOM API allows other systems, for example xCAS or the revenue authority website to access, search and use the taxpayer registration details. This is important because other government institutions should be allowed to verify taxpayer registration status electronically, and ensure that service is not offered to entities not registered. ATOM is quite unique since many ITAS systems do not have such an API. 

Can I first use it as plugin, then later switch issue TINs in ATOM?

Yes, that is the idea. Using ATOM as plugin is easy, and you will see all your data in the user interface. You can then test the system before deciding if you want to switch to issue taxpayer registration certiicates within ATOM.