National Revenue Specialist Liberia

Revenue Development Foundation
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01/03/2020 03:43:16 PM

Description of duties and responsibilities

The National Revenue Specialist undertakes duties and responsibilities that are focused on implementing a specific project in-country. S/he works as part of the in-country team, developing and implementing a range of programmatic activities under the relevant portfolio. When necessary s/he is charge of administrative tasks concerning his/her project. S/he is the internal point of contact in his/her country of responsibility.

Responsible to: Senior Revenue Specialist/Manager/Programme Officer

Effective Assurance and Oversight of Project Implementation 

  • Ensure appropriate usage and maintenance of RDF systems in Government, including data management and quality control, tracking and reporting system requirements to point of contact
  • Responsible for completing project activities and milestones according to the project proposal
  • Undertake necessary administrative tasks, including, but not limited to, managing the finances and expenses; managing national staff; rental contracts; security contracts; IT support
  • Weekly call with programme officer to set priorities and evaluate project progress
  • Submit Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reports

Effective Management and Development of the Programme

  • Identify strategic and innovative programme areas of cooperation, follow up on and take initiative on possible in-country/regional leads
  • Research policy advisory support in the area of Natural Resource Governance and Mobilisation of Domestic Revenues with focus on his/her country(s) of responsibility to the counterparts within the Ministry of Mines and Energy

Stakeholder Engagement and Business Development

  • Ensure appropriate dissemination and regular update of informative and promotional material such as case studies, PowerPoint, briefs and generic proposals for different stakeholder groups
  • Create positive and appreciative atmosphere for team-based work in RDF and be an advocate for the work of RDF, adhering to code of conduct

Liberia Specific Tasks

  • Manage MCAS system implemented within the Cadastre Unit, ensure the smooth management of MCAS system (data upload and quality control, generating reports, requesting and delivering new updates to the system)

·          Serve as a point of contact for the Government as relates to RDF systems

  • Deliver project activities pertaining to MCAS, the Inspectorate, Office of Precious Minerals, Liberian Geological Survey and the Customs Verification Portal in accordance with the project proposal
  • Organising workshops when necessary with all relevant stakeholders to discuss data access and availability, as well as MCAS functionality and outputs. 
  • Work together with GIZ Project Manager on a regular basis to keep her/him posted about the developments
  • Quality control of the usage of the MCAS system, liaising with registrars and providing technical support when necessary
  • Trains new users, administrators and trainers of both MCAS and CVP autonomously
  • Support the Office for Precious Minerals on their effective data management

Necessary qualifications and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, international development, sociology, natural resource governance or related areas
  • 1-2 years of work experience in the field of natural resource governance in Liberia and knowledge about the mining sector
  • Proficiency with Information Technology, knowledge of HTML, CSS, networking is an advantage
  • Fluency in English, verbal and written communication
  • Flexible team player and experience working with a diverse international team
  • The candidate must have a Liberian citizenship or residency and work permit to live and work in Liberia


Salary will commensurate experience. Range:  600 USD-750 USD

Deadline for application:

We request interested candidates to apply by mid-night (GMT) 31 October, 2019.