MCAS 4.3 Released - Reports Tracking and Area Search

New Version of MCAS Mining Cadastre System to Manage License Holder Reporting Obligations

Aasmund Andersen

MCAS 4.3 Released

New Features Includes Reports Tracking and Area Search

Earlier versions of MCAS have a strong focus on revenue compliance, ensuring license holders are paying their fees on time. MCAS 4.3 introduce features to also manage reporting compliance, ensuring that the companies are reporting according to their respective license obligations. This may include monthy, quarterly or annual reports to be submitted on time and to be reviewed by government to ensure it contains the expected quality and progress. 

MCAS 4.3 also introduce a new module for area search, which can be turned on in the admin settings. This is designed to facilitate government GIS departments, who provides a service to companies who would like to prepare their application and ensure they are applying for an area that is available.

MCAS is developed by RDF in collaboration with the Governments of Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Zambia. The system is available license-free and implemented by donor-funded projects. Improvements made by one country thus benefits the others, as upgrades are provided for free. MCAS comes embedded with GeoServer, a leading open-source GIS server application.

We thank our donors for supporting our projects, which has allowed us to make this release, most importantly German Collaboration GIZ and Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

MCAS 4.3 screenshots showing a license documents profile (top) with reports tracking turned on for monthly reports, with reports indicated in red (overdue), yellow (submitted but needs review), dark yellow (reviewed with issues) or compliant (green).