MCAS 4.2 Released - Final GIS Features

Now MCAS can manage and automate GIS validation

Aasmund Andersen

MCAS 4.2 Released

Final Major New GIS features, Task Management, Automation, 

Improved Fee Management and Payment Integration.

RDF has just released a major new version of its Mining Cadastre Administration System - MCAS 4.2. This realease finalize the major GIS features required in MCAS. The first GIS features were introduced in MCAS version 4, released in April 2015. 

MCAS now has consolidated features to facilitate GIS validation of license plots, including calculation of area, adjustments and snap-to-grid function, overlap detection and automation of plot adjustments. These features provides governments with the tools to ensure licenses are processed correctly according to the first-come, first-serve principle, avoiding overlaps according to the respective regulations.

MCAS now also has a new Task Management module, which directs the user to the tasks required depending on user role. This helps users to process applications and follow up on compliance issues. 

MCAS also has restructured the way it manages fees, which allows MCAS to manage all fees related to a license and issue Orders to Pay eletronically to any third party system using the RDx Data Exchange Standard.  

MCSA is developed by RDF in collaboration with the Governments of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Mali. The system is available license-free and implemented by donor-funded projects. Improvements made by one country thus benefits the others, as upgrades are provided for free. MCAS comes embedded with GeoServer, a leading open-source GIS server application.

We thank our donors for supporting our projects, which has allowed us to make this release, most importantly German Collaboration GIZ and Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.