RDF Response to the Covid pandemic

Supporting governments to function during restrictions

Aasmund Andersen

RDF Response to the Covid Pandemic

Supporting Governments to Function During Restrictions

Now more than ever, government public administration systems are important in order to allow civil servants to remain operational under restrictions. Government institutions in 12 developing countries are using RDF systems and over a thousand civil servants are registered users, performing a key part of their work in their respective systems. RDF staff remain at their country duty stations, as normal, implementing projects and supporting their government counter-parts. As workplace restrictions are introduced, RDF adopt and adjust according to the decisions of the authorities.

In order to further support our institutions through this crisis, RDF will focus on:

  1. Accelerating the move to online services – Many institutions are in the process of moving services online using the Online Repository portal and the GovIn e-service portal. RDF specialists are working alongside client institutions to allow more services to be made available online.
  1. Enabling civil servants to work remotely – In case government offices are completely shut down, RDF will offer institutions to temporarily move systems to RDF cloud servers, to allow employees online access to their systems.

RDF specialists are now engaging with client institutions and partners to make a response plan accordingly.