RDF release xCAS 4.5 with RD DocFlow document management system

Centralized document management system and API service

Aasmund Andersen

xCAS 4.5 with RD DocFlow

RD DocFlow is a centralized document management data service which can be accessed by government administrative systems to store, retrieve and search in documents. The service is installed on one server and systems like MCAS is configured to authenticate to access the service.

RD DocFlow allows users to search for text inside documents, for example for fiscal terms in contracts.

In xCAS ver 4.5 all documents that are linked to a license or license owner is automatically tagged and accessible via the RD DocFlow service. The administrator can add additional folders, where users can store documents and files that are not directly related to licenses. Folders can also be shared across systems, since the files are stored in the same central service.