RDF Release RD Quantum Mobile App Version 2 on Google Play

Users of the xCAS system can now log in from their mobile device, navigate in the field with their data and submit field reports.

Aasmund Andersen

RDF Release RD Quantum Version 2

Available on Google Play

During the last two years, about 30 government mining officers have been using the first version of RD Quantum. It allowed them to load data from MCAS to a rugged mobile device, and use the GPS and compass function to navigate in the field, helping to find and verify the validity of the licenses in their area. 

With their feedback and experience, RDF has now developed a new version of the mobile app, synchronizing with any xCAS system using the RDx integration service, whenever the user has internet access. 

Login to xCAS with your mobile device!

Whenever, you have internet connection on your phone, you can login to your user account and download all data to keep with you wherever you go. 

Find a license using GPS, nearby and compass function

Look up owners, applications and licenses using any of the pre-made filters, or simply use the search field to find what you are looking for. The license profile shows all key details of the license, validity, owner details, location by map and all notes/issues created by all users under the license.

Submit reports back to the main system, for colleagues to follow up on

RD Quantum allows you to report from the field, simply create a note and start writing. When you next synchronize, your notes will be made available to other Quantum users and the xCAS main system.

How to Find RD Quantum on Google Play

Go to Google Play and search for "RD Quantum". 

You will notice the RD logo.