RDF Release NTRS Version 2 - Payment system for non-tax revenue

Integrated, multi-service payment processing for all types of service fees and royalties

Aasmund Andersen

NTRS Version 2 is released

NTRS is designed to manage payment processing against payment notices retrieved from systems such as MCAS and OGAS, and process payments against them. When payments are processed from another system, NTRS sends an eletronic confirmation that payment has been received back to the system it retrieved the payment notice from.

Configure payment services per department or Ministry

Many institutions can use NTRS at the same time, as it allows configuration of services to manage payment notices for the various fee lists or systems used by each institution. 

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Key Features of NTRS Version 2

Key features and technology. 2 pages.

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NTRS 2 Presentation

More extensive presentation on NTRS features and configuration options

NTRS Version 2 Presentation