MCAS 4.1 Released - Advanced GIS Features

Now MCAS can manage blocks, designated areas, multipolygons and tenders

Aasmund Andersen

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New advanced GIS features in MCAS 4.1

This week we are releasing MCAS 4.1, with more advanced GIS features. 

Blocks and block tenders: MCAS now allows the definition of blocks that are available for users to register applications against. This facilitates a tender process, recording all bids documentation and finally approves the winning bid.

Multipolygons: MCAS now allows a license to consist of several disjointed plots. This feature should be used used only when the fees apply for one license on many plots.

Mining Development Agreement: MCAS allows government to define development agreements where a company can be allowed licenses with different fiscal terms than the standard terms for a set of license types. The agreements are can now be defined to a specific area and with different fee schedules for the license types it refers to.

More efficient processing of small permits, like exporters, dealers

Improvements have been made to the multi-lingual translation module, which  now allows translation of the entire system. English and French is available by default.