Mali Oil and Gas Online Repository Launch

Mali Oil and Gas licenses data now accessible to public

Nolwenn Marnet Hemberger

The oil sector has undergone profound changes in recent years in Mali. Reforms were initiated, including the revision of the 1969 Code, the adoption of the new Petroleum Law N ° 04-037 of 02 August 2004, the creation of the AUREP, the subdivision of the five sedimentary basins into blocks, the allocation of more than a dozen of research permits, and the availability within the AUREP of a reliable database.

In short, all actors now know that Mali has a real oil potential. However, this potential could only really attract investors if there is a legal and institutional environment that promotes transparency and accountability in an effective manner. In this context, RDF has installed the Oil and Gas Administration System at AUREP, the institution responsible for Malian Oil and Gas promotion and exploitation. This software makes it possible to make the granting and management of oil and gas licenses and associated revenues more efficient and transparent.

Despite this notable progress in improving governance in the sector, it is clear that the contribution of the oil and gas sector to the country's national budget and economy is poorly understood by civil society, and sometimes even policy makers.

To cope with this situation, the Ministry of Mines of Mali with the financial support of the German cooperation GIZ and the technical support of RDF launched on august 16th, 2017 the Oil and Gas desktop of the Online Repository of the Government of Mali ( This website allows the Government of Mali to make public information related to mining and petroleum licenses and related payments. It provides civil society with a better insight into the country's oil situation and is therefore an important step in the accountability and transparency cycle in the oil and gas sector. This desktop of the Online Repository gives information on all oil licenses since the creation of the AUREP in 2004, as well as on all payments made at the AUREP since 2013.

To access it, simply open the Mali Online Repository, register with your username and password, and finally select the oil desktop in the rectangular bar at the top of the page. If you are a new user, please click New User after the above link, to create a username and password for accessing the Online Repository data. Note that the page is also available in French.