Malawi Forestry Licensing System goes live

Timber Export Rights made efficient and accountable with new administration system

Klaus Jensen

The Department of Forestry in Malawi went live Monday February 9th 2015 with the RDF Forestry Rights Administration System (FRAS), now processing and issuing all timber export records (Licenses and associated Permits) through the FRAS system. The Department will soon issue all commercial Forestry Rights through the FRAS system. The system has been implemented as part of a two year project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Department now has a more efficient and accountable process for issuing forestry licenses, and recording related payments. The system also includes the management of Royalty Payments, Conveyance Certificates and Firewood Licenses at the largest plantation office, Viphya. Viphya Plantation office will go live March 1st


Timber exporter holding the first Export Permit issued through the FRAS system