Liberia Launches Online Repository

The Liberian Ministry of Mines launches online portal publishing all mining licenses and payments

Aasmund Andersen

The Deputy Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, Hon. Stephen B. Dorbor, officially launched the Online Repository portal at the Monrovia City Hall on December 15. User-friendly and cloud-based, the Online Repository permits the government to make publicly available validated data on mining activities: concessions, licenses, and associated payments.

The data is published directly from the Liberian government's Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS) where mining licenses are managed. MCAS is the management system that the Revenue Development Foundation (RDF) has helped the Ministry install and use to manage the Liberian mining license process. 

Deputy Minister Sam Russ explained how the system is helping the government improve efficiency and accountability to stakeholders, including mining companies, civil society and the media.

After the Deputy Minister's speech, the German Ambassador to Liberlia, Ralph Timmermann, addressed the audience to explain how the project is considered part of Germany's collaboration with Liberia. The project is also supported by the Government of Australia.

The benefits of such an online portal are clear as it leads to:

  • Increased information, transparency and compliance in the Government of Liberia’s management of the mining sector;
  • More and ‘better’ investors;
  • Clear, up-to-date reports on revenue and mineral rights;
  • Prevention of disputes over land rights through usage of Geographic Information System (GIS) for all concessions; and
  • Improved collaboration and interaction between relevant MDAs, e.g. MLME, MoF, LRA, EITI. 

To view the online repository, please click on the link below:

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Deputy Minister Sam Russ presenting with Ambassador Ralph Timmermann (left). The LEITI National Coordinator Konah Karmo praises the system, supporting the EITI process (right).