Ghana Government Launch Online Mining License Portal

Minerals Commission in Ghana launched MCAS system and Online Repository portal

Sanna Hermansson

Ghana Launches Online Mining License Registry

The Government of Ghana Online Repository was launched during a soft launch event 19 July 2016 by the Minerals Commission CEO Dr Toni Aubynn. User-friendly and cloud-based, the Online Repository permits the government to make publicly available validated data on mining activities: concessions, licenses, and associated payments.
The data is published directly from the government's Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS) where mining licenses are managed. MCAS is the management system that the Revenue Development Foundation (RDF) has helped the Minerals Commission implement over the last year. 

Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals Commission, Dr. Toni Aubynn, explained that the Commission had tried to implement a cadastre system since 1999, but did not find a suitable solution. He was very glad to report such a system was finally in place, making the work of the Commission much more efficient.

The Australian Deputy High Commissioner, Adrian Cutler, addressed the audience to explain the importance of mining in Australias economy and how they are glad to support Ghana more efficiently utilize its mineral resources, promoting accountablity and transaprency. 

The benefits of the online portal are to increase investor's confidence in government management of mineral rights, making license information easily accessible. The system also prevents disputes over land rights through usage of Geographic Information System (GIS) and improve collaboration and interaction between relevant government institutions, including the Ghana revenue Authority and Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. 

To view the online repository, please click on the link below:

The portal is also available from the Minerals Commission website:

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