Cameroon Revenue Authority sign data exchange protocol

RD Fusion will be used to manage the data exchange helping improve VAT compliance

Aasmund Andersen

Cameroon have piloted RD Fusion for VAT risk management

Improving VAT compliance on largest revenue source for the government budget

Yesterday, on 14th of June 2016 the Director General of Taxation and the Director General of Customs signed an exchange protocol in a ceremony presided by the Minister of Finance. According to the protocol, the two Cameroonian administrations will henceforth exchange data on a regular basis via the IT System “Fusion” which allows the administrations to collect and share data as well as use it to analyze risks related to VAT. The IT System Fusion has been put in place with support of the German International Cooperation and the Revenue Development Foundation. The Minister of Finance said at the occasion of the ceremony: “the new system will allow the administrations to more efficiently identify losses in payments, especially those related to VAT – which represent around 33% of annual government budget.” The collaboration will also bring about an improvement in services and a net increase in revenue, adds the Minister.

In Cameroon major newspaper today...

Press coverage of the data exchange signing ceremony, showing Director General of Tax and Director General of Customs in front of the Minister of Finance. Eva Kirch, former RDF Implementation Specialist for the project and now GIZ Manager is in the background