RDF Maps and GIS Data help Ebola response in Sierra Leone

Maria Lanza Knudsen

RDF's Detailed Maps help the Fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone

RDF has recieved positive feedback from key organisations such as the US Center for Disease Control, the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Ebola Response Consortium, among others who have been working with the Sierra Leone government to resolve the Ebola crisis. The maps have played an important role in helping agencies locat settlements affected by Ebola, and in the difficult task of contact tracing of high-risk individuals.

The Sierra Leone Planning Maps are based on original maps made in 2005 under a project by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), called the Sierra Leone Information System (SLIS), located under the Ministry of Finance Development Assistance Coordination Office (DACO). The household survey data from the last population census in 2005 by Statistics Sierra Leone forms the basis for all the settlements and public facilities, while an enormous amount of efforts to digitize natural features from satelite maps have provided location of rivers, roads and population centres. These maps have been combined and refined by RDF over the years and represents the most accurate and detailed maps available for the country. 

The detailed district maps show all settlements, schools, health clinics, roads and distances between major towns for the thirteen districts, including Western Area, Tonkolili, Pujehun, Porto Loko, Kono, Koinadugu, Kenema, Kambia, Kailahun, Bombali, Bo, Moyamba, and Kambia. The maps are published as PDFs with resolution required for printing up to A1-size. They can be found under our Data / Maps section.

The mapping of health clinics and hospitals has especially been useful, as well as excel spreadsheets of the settlements, which has allowed the government and the various organisations to identify village locations of Ebola contacts, such as a recent case in Kambia this week.  

RDF is very glad the maps have been put to good use, and will endavour to publish more data as requested by many organizations over the last months. 

RDF use GIS data in much of our work, and advanced GIS functionality is embedded in our systems platforms, including the the Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS). 

Click to see the Sierra Leone Planning Maps

Detailed district maps with all settlements, schools, health clinics, roads and distances between major towns.

Settlements Data File

Download the excel file with the list of all 21,000 settlements, schools and health clinics in the country.