RDF Release Sierra Leone Planning Maps

The most comprehensive national spatial data available, showing settlements, schools and health clinics, roads and distances between towns

Aasmund Andersen
RDF release updated planning maps for Sierra Leone, showing all settlments, schools, health clinics, roads with distances between towns. The maps are in our new Maps section of our website. To showcase how property surveys for property tax purposes can provide urban planning maps and analysis we have also added a series of maps for each ward of Mzuzu City in Malawi, showing each household access to water supply and sanitary facilities.
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The Sierra Leone Planning Maps have a long history. The short version of the story is; RDF has its roots in a UN project called the Sierra Leone Information System (SLIS), established by UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in 2001 and taken over by UNDP in 2003. In the period of national recovery 2003-2006, SLIS played an important role in providing data to the development community, including planning maps that still decorates many offices in Freetown and in major towns up-country. The maps were used as a basis for the coordination and planning of the recovery and development effort. The SLIS GIS unit digitized a significant amount of natural features and incorporated the 2004 household census data into its maps. As RDF was established in 2009, we continued to use this dataset, and started refining it for our purposes. In 2013 we made a small investment of RDF core funds to enhance the quality of the maps significantly, and add schools and health clinics that would make it even more relevant for the govenrment and development community.